Dialog and deliberation via online video

Youtube added it's video response feature a couple of months ago and from my outside perspective, the feature became widely used, though in an often very unfocussed, if not rude way. At last weeks SWSX conference a new video service has been showed off to public that potentially brings more structure into the dialogue-through-online-video realm - Socialsaga.com. As Rafe Needleman from Webware.com blog describes it:

Socialsaga.comSocialSaga,is a site where video clips ask questions, to which users upload theiranswers. The site currently is used to build pass-along stories, andfor people to debate issues. As you watch watch a clip, you can see thetree of the video replies to it. It's like a threaded message board,but in video.

I really like the idea and am curious to see how this is going to be used. But considering our fast-paced online world, I still can't quite picture, who would take the time to follow all relevant parts of a conversation neccesary for meaningful deliberation - scanning through written content is by far easier and speech recognition tools that would create written transcripts by far not good enough to solve this shortcoming.

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