Google Maps and Privacy Issues

Well, talking about privacy issues on the internet is one thing, being able to see your bosses contribution to John Kerry a good, but different one. Spatial applications on the web are huge, but this scares the heck out of me. Straight from

    Mathew Kane, a doctoral student in the Indiana University School of Informatics, has generated an interesting Google mashup.

    He extracted publicly available donor information from the non-profit Fundrace Project, an "online resource that details and maps donors' information derived from records on file with the Federal Election Commission from the 2004 elections," and made it mappable at the individual donor level.

    The point of the project (press release here)was to expose data that people consider private, but is actually partof the public record. All you have to do is key in a ZIP Code andyou'll get a map showing those who donated there. Click on a pin andyou'll get the donor's name, address, amount given, and to which 2004presidential candidate.

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