eParticipation in Germany - Study

My friends at Zebralog just published the second study on the state of online participation in Germany:

Today, the Initiative for eParticipation has released its secondstudy on citizen participation over the internet. As last year, Berlinshowed the best eParticipation record, Freiburg and Munich made a bigstep forward.

The study analyzed the websites of all 83German cities above a population of 100.000. A ranking system wasapplied that rewarded points if cities offered comprehensible andcomprehensive information on current political issues, if politicaldecision makers could be addressed through the web, and if citizenswere invited for deliberation through discussion forums or chats. Theusablity of such participatory projects as well as their integrationinto political decision making processes was of primary importance.Coder's agreement on their assessment of the cities' websites rangedbetween 88 and 100%.

The results show that German cities haveimproved their eParticipation record compared to last year's study.However, the large majority of German cities still has not attempted toconsult citizens over the internet. Berlin ranked highest because(among other reasons) the city provides a citizen discussion space onits main portal, carried out a couple of online dialogues on townplanning issues and had a participatory budgeting project in one of itsboroughs (Lichtenberg) where citizens could take part online as well.

The study is available for donwload in German at www.Initiative-eParticipation.de
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