The Open Planning Project, a non-profit focussing on building technology to enhance the role of the citizen in democratic society has just released a new online community tool.

OpenPlans, a site dedicatedto helping communities organize virtually to effect real world change,is currently running an alpha testing version of the software here

OpenPlansis wiki-based. This means that most pages are editable by members ofthe site. Membership is free and it takes just seconds to register.0nce you log in, you may start your own project or contribute to anexisting one. We hope you use OpenPlans to share information, coordinate tasks, and build momentum around your project.

TOPP imagines OpenPlans as a free, hosted, and shared suite of community organizing tools, and we look forward to providing you with an ever-increasing toolkit for getting things done.

Haven't used it myself yet, but the New York Streets Renaissance website looks great. Courious what features they will add.

TOPP also provides funding and leadership for the development of GeoServer,to help create a more open, interoperable infrastructure of geographicinformation.

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