Automated Image Maps in Google Maps

Making everybody familiar with a project site is an important step for your public participation project. Especially in online discourses not everybody will be able to explore the acutal site.

Google maps is a great way to display site photography on top of an aerial or map. Robogeo is a great intuitive and inexpensive tool, that let's you georeference your pictures and exports to Google Maps and even Google Earth.

Here is a simple map, that I created from pictures that I took during a trip to Orlando. I used the tracklog of my GPS device to sync the timestemps and get the location, where each picture was taken. The last step of creating the map is totally automated too. I created these examples - Google Maps / Google Earth - in less than half an hour, it's that easy.

Think about how it even enables us to do Asset or Community Mapping in a totally new way, by using digital cameras with GPS devices.

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