What can soccer teach us about eparticipation?

And once again the business people take a lead in what I imagine could be one of the next big things for eparticipation. Adidas Australia has put together a neat application that takes visitors for a survey around the world in Google Earth, asking them soccer questions about specific locations.

The Australian division of Adidas has put together a slickadvertising promotion of their participation in the 2006 World CupFootball competition. The winner of a game, which uses Google Earth forits interface, gets a 2006 Adidas World Cup football signed by HarryKewell.

To load the game, simply go to this Adidas page(which uses Flash) and start up the game there. It will load a GoogleEarth file which will start the game. From the Adidas page: "The gameis based on answering trivia questions of ten adidas-sponsored players.Each player is assigned 1 x 'who am I' question and 2 x 'trivia'questions with 4 possible answers each. Each question is geographicallybased. As a question is presented, the Google Earth globe spins to therelevant geographical location on the earth. This serves as a hint tothe answer."

Why don't we take advantage of this great technology, add a third dimension by taking advantage of this great sketchup plugin, and ask our audience or let them deliberate about the latest design options, masterplans, etc. ?

In my eyes GE is that valuable for public participation around planning issues, because it brings together the deliberative dimension of forums and other online tools that already exist and adds the spatial dimension (latitude and longitude) to the discussion, as well as the third dimension (3D Visualization) all in one application, and is still intuitive to use.

Check out this mockup I created to visualize what I am talking about.

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