GoogleSketchup for free!

This is huge! The internet goes 3D. Google yesterday released a free version of sketchup, enabling anybody to build 3D Models and publish them online, preferrably in their Google Earth browser. Not only that, Google also announced a 3D warehouse where users can upload and share their content, adding descriptions to make them searchable via Google. mentions: The new triad of Google Earth, Google SketchUp and 3D Warehouse willquickly become the center of wide variety of public-participationprojects and marketing campaigns, as well as the usual Internettomfoolery.

Google now offers all three of the keys making it possible fornon-professionals to create and share 3D content. They have anaccessible (fun, actually) authoring tool in Google SketchUp, a placeto share the content in 3D Warehouse, and a way to find the content inthe Google search engine.

Time to start thinking 3D...

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