Policial Communication2.0

It amazes me, that finally politicians seem to open up and embrace a bidirectional flow, changing the traditional patterns of political communication.

Some recent examples, that I'm fascinated by, because they go beyond the simple blog-scheme are:

  • DirektzurKanzlerin.de - A portal that lets users target their questions to the German Chancellor and rank them. The top 3 questions are answered by Angela Merkel every week.
  • YouTube You Choose '08 Spotlight - Each candidate for the presidential election in 2008 has a week in Spotlight, where he or she creates a videofor their YouTube You Choose '08 Channel to inspire video responses fromthe YouTube community. The YouTube community submitsresponses to the candidate's video and, based on those responses,candidates will engage with the YouTube community through video responsesthat reflect what they have seen.
  • I wonder how much the last one was insipired by the great work of Steven Clift and the folks from eDemocracy.org on their gubernatorial e-debate in October 2006.

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