Tool Tip: - Streaming video from your phone

qikWith new video streaming web services, broadcasting a live event or workshop is finally possible without a huge price tag attached to it (that is if you don't need high-end video quality). ­is a remarkable software application that allows users to seamlessly stream videos straight from the phone to the web. Users to utilize their cell phones like a camcorder to capture interesting events for hours without worrying about the storage capacity of the cell phone. Streaming works best with a wi-fi connection but even when connected via 3G the delay is minimal, even though video will be streamed at a lower quality. The software requires installation on the phone and having an unlimited data plan is important, as a substantial amount of bandwidth is consumed while streaming video. Qik currently supports a wide range of cell phones like Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500, Nokia N-series, Nokia E-series, iPhone and some selected windows mobile phones. And it is constantly adding support for new mobile devices.
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