Government agencies to use social networking sites


Agencies can now engage with citizens through popular media technologies such as video-sharing service YouTube, using pre-negotiated service agreements that comply with federal terms and conditions.

After nine months of negotiations, the General Services Administration signed agreements with four video-sharing and social networking sites: Flickr, Vimeo, and YouTube. GSA also is negotiating with the social networking sites Facebook and MySpace.[...]

Most agencies will appoint directors of new media to determine how they can use social networking tools to meet mission goals and comply with President Obama's open government directive, said Sheila Campbell, team leader of Web best practices for the government portal and co-chair of the Federal Web Managers Council.

Very exciting!


The difference

This shows the difference between the Obama administration & the UK government. While the UK Home Office is planning to gain access to social networking sites to snoop on its citizens, the Obama administration seeks to use the same technology to engage with voters & find out what they want. Subtle, yet crucial difference.
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