Framework for Crossmedia Interaction Design

One of my core interests is how the convergence of communication media will impact the way eParticipation projects are shaped in the future. Little research has been done on this, that's why I'm closely following other fields, where the art and science of crossmedia interaction design is more advanced.
So I just found this great roundup posted by Christy Dena on her research blog, laying out a framework that addresses some of the following questions, that also apply to our daily work:
How are audiences moved between platforms, and how can one make this traversal a part of the entertainment
experience itself? What is to be considered when designing for movement between platforms? How are audiences moved between platforms? What influences the choice of traversal? This paper provides an introduction to multi-platform and multi-format entertainment and then outlines the factors that influence cross-media interaction design.
When doing the research for my last publication, I found that we still need to do a lot of exploration and research in this direction. Hope to see some of Dena's insights being transfered over to the eDemocracy realm.

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