Community Almanac - RFP to build an online mapping platform

The Orton Family Foundation just released a RFP to help them build their Community Almanac - an online mapping platform that helps communities to capture their assets or heart&soul. 

From the RFP: ... as stories, pictures and videos emerge during communities’ heart and soul articulation processes, and as technologies ever simplify the digital capture and depiction of such information on maps, the Foundation would like to offer the ability for its project communities and communities at large to utilize simple open source or Web 2.0 technology to build online, digital community almanacs. These community almanacs would be digital maps (perhaps GIS-derived, but not requiring active GIS to use) to (1) depict the community or county in which the project is located, (2) "easily" collect, display and manage community stories, pictures, graphics and videos through uploads by people in the community, and (3) make these stories and pictures readily accessible to all citizens through hotlinks on the map and/or other intuitive interface components. 

Read the full RFP document here >> 

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