Building Social Media Infrastructure to Engage Publics: Twitter Vote Report

pmfr2Great in-depth analysis of Twitter Vote Report, the first election monitoring of its kind:

This field report traces how a committed group of volunteers harnessed the micro-blogging tool Twitter to create innovative public media 2.0 experiments—first to actively engage users to report on their voting experiences in the 2008 U.S. election, and then to document their experiences of the 2009 presidential inauguration. Along the way, these two projects demonstrated how journalists and advocates can effectively leverage a range of both commercial and open source social media tools to organize, publicize and implement citizen reporting projects, creating infrastructure for related future projects. Organizers have since worked to archive and repurpose the code and collaboration materials from these efforts for use in 2009 election monitoring initiatives in India and Iran.

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We also feature this case study in our upcoming paper "Promising Practices for Online Engagement". 

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