Tips for text-to-screen campaigns

­Since we launched TextTheMob I'm keeping my eyes open for good case studies and best practices on how to use mobile technology to support eParticipation efforts. I recently discovered MobileActive.org, a great network of practitioners that has put together a quick guide of How to Run a Text-to-Screen Campaign:

Text to screen can function as a unique way for advocacy groups to use interactive media to

  • build a database of mobile phone numbers for future use
  • show the opinions and demands of a constituency/the public to decision makers in a highly visible manner
  • generate media and public attention.
They follow with a case study, a good list of questions to ask yourself before starting and a step-by-step guide on how to set it up. A quick read, definitely worth your time if you're looking into utilizing mobile technology as part of your efforts.


TextTheMob.com now in public beta

cover We spent some time over the last weeks building a web application that allows presenters, event organizers and others to set up polls and message boards to be displayed on screens or monitors and their audience to respond with their mobile phone (text message or mobile webpage) - http://textthemob.com. It's time to move forward, so take a look, play with and let us know what your reactions are - bug reports, feature suggestions and any ideas on how this could be (more) useful. And please forward...
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